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Model EDP Heavy-Duty Valve Seat Grinder

The Hall-Toledo Model EDP Eccentric Valve Seat Grinders are designed to get heavy-duty diesel, gas, and gasoline engines back in service fast.

They are used worldwide to maintain locomotive, marine, natural gas, and stationary engines and have been recommended by major engine manufacturers. With a valve seat range of 1" - 7" (25 mm – 178 mm), the Model EDP "point-contact" grinders enable all operators to quickly grind valve seats of all materials to better than original OEM specifications with minimum removal of stock.

  • Advantages:

  • The operator has complete control over the depth and rate of grind

  • High-speed set-up

  • "Point-Contact" grinding is greater accuracy than other grinding methods

  • Valve seat finish and valve/valve seat seal is more accurate

  • Valve seats are finished faster

  • More valve seats are ground per grinding wheel because only one point of the grinding wheel is in contact with the valve seat at one time


  • Valve Seat Range: 1" – 7" (25 mm – 178 mm)

  • Motor: ½ HP

  • Universal current

  • Voltage: 110 or 220

  • 1 PH, (50/60 Hz)

  • Grinding Wheel RPM: 3800

  • Eccentric Motion RPM: 15

  • Eccentric Motion: 0.094" (2.4 mm)